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Automobile Insurance: How it Works in Clawson, Michigan

You just bought a new car, and you’re excited to hit the road. But before you do, there’s something important that you need to know…

  • Car insurance means peace of mind and quality of life
  • Taking care of your car also means finding the best car insurance in your hometown
  • Car insurance does not need to be expensive and difficult to buy
By law, if you get into an accident in Michigan with someone who is injured or killed, even if it wasn’t your fault—you could be sued for damages up to $500,000! Not only will the other person’s lawyer take everything they can from your bank account—they’ll also go after any assets like your house or retirement accounts. This means that even though you weren’t at fault in the accident—you could lose everything! Signature Insurance is here to help you with your decisions and doubts about purchasing automobile insurance right in Clawson MI.

Signature Insurance works for your peace of mind

Our auto insurance policy has a residual liability portion that covers these situations. Our Residual Liability Insurance protects against lawsuits resulting from accidents where another driver was injured or killed as well as those involving non-Michigan residents involved in accidents outside of Michigan. Call today for more information on how we can help protect what matters most to you and your family!

Should I get collision insurance in Clawson MI?

Incorporating a collision deductible into your car insurance policy is an excellent way to protect yourself from the financial vulnerability of having your vehicle in an area that has many accidents. You may be thinking “Collision coverage doesn’t do anything for me if I’m not involved in an accident”. This is where you are mistaken. Collision insurance covers you even when someone else hits or bumps into your car, which could happen at any time—even with another driver’s parking lot slip-up!

How do I know my deductibles when buying auto insurance?

One of the services an insurance provider offers is options on how much to put into a car accident. The riskier these types of accidents are, the more money you’ll need to make up in case it does happen. The higher your deductible amount, the lower your price since some coverage lines will have deductibles that require you to pay before they would cover it on any losses.

What kinds of deductibles will you find in Clawson MI car insurance?

Some are Physical Damage Deductibles and Personal Injury Protection deductibles but there’s always a limit for each type and reason so you can’t just choose whichever one fits whatever situation that may come along in the future. At Signature Insurance, we can personally guide you to find the best insurance for your vehicle at the very best price you can imagine.

Will the work loss waiver in Clawson apply to auto insurance?

Work loss waiver is a legal requirement for companies to offer seniors and retirees the option of waiving their work loss coverage. This law was passed in order to protect senior citizens and retirees from having to pay higher premiums due to minor accidents that don’t cause any injuries but still require an expensive tow truck or other services. The problem is that most people are unaware of this law, so they end up paying more than necessary without realizing it. Our insurance company offers reduced premiums for senior citizens and retirees who want to waive their work loss coverage (if eligible). All you need to do is contact us today!

What does Michigan law say about buying car insurance?

Michigan law is strict when it comes to getting an automobile insurance policy. Every owner must purchase one and the state will make sure you have access for eligible citizens of Michigan! To be eligible, someone has to own or register a car in Michigan OR they need a valid license from our great state that allows them to operate cars on public roads. At Signature Insurance we are experts that can help you get the best insurance at the lowest rate.

How do I know if I am eligible for car insurance?

If you are entitled to an auto policy in the state of MI and if your car is registered with the Secretary of State’s Office (or about to be), then you will not have any problems getting coverage under most policies. You must meet two criteria before purchasing insurance:

  • first off, that you live in the state.
  • second, that either your own license has no restrictions on it (meaning you hold a valid driver’s license) or soon expect to do so upon taking out your first policy as an agent acting on behalf of someone else.

There may also be some limitations though when trying to get this type of coverage depending on where exactly within Michigan one resides. Call us today and an agent will help you with all the necessary steps to buy auto insurance in Clawson.

“I was in an accident and now I’m worried about how much it’s going to cost me.”

When you’re injured, you need help fast. The Personal Injury Protection (PIP) from Signature Insurance coverage is there for you when it comes to medical bills from the accident. It will pay all reasonably necessary medical expenses. If your injuries are serious, this part of your policy can be used as a source of income while you recover up to several years! Call us today to find more about this.

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage in Clawson MI?

With PIP coverage, we have got your back covered if something happens that causes injury or death. Our PIP insurance covers lost wages due to an auto accident injury so that finances won’t get in the way of recovery and healing after a car crash or other mishap. You’ll receive compensation for time off work because of the pain or suffering caused by injuries sustained in a vehicle collision caused by another party’s negligence on Michigan roads and highways within 12 months prior to filing this claim. At Signature Insurance we can be at your side during these situations and help you in many possible ways.

We are experts who are ready to help you right in Clawson MI

Protect your family with our auto insurance! All of the Insurance companies we represent provide a wide range of auto coverage products at reasonable prices. Your price gets even better if you qualify for any discounts available to those who need it most! When applying, be sure that you’re choosing wisely and are getting all the protection necessary while paying an affordable rate. Call today to find out how we can help make sure what matters most is protected for the future.

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What Coverage Does Clawson, Michigan Require for Car Insurance

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The Michigan guidelines for auto insurance law are determined by the Department of Insurance and Financial Services in the State of Michigan. There’s much information to know about their requirements, but we’ll give you the highlights of what you need to know. Whenever you ask for insurance quotes, try to become familiarized with terms like personal injury protection (PIP), medical expenses policy, and how your insurance premium works on a per accident basis.

The absolute minimum car insurance coverage for Michigan drivers is:

Up to
for a person who is
hurt or killed in an

Up to
for each accident if
several people are
hurt or killed.

Up to
for property
damage in another

Understanding the Michigan No-Fault Insurance Law Reform

In short, the changes to the law affected
your policy in regards to:

Personal Injury Protection
Property Protection Insurance
Bodily Injury and Property Damage


Michigan is a no-fault state, which means that both parties in a car accident are entitled to benefits from their insurance companies, regardless of who caused the crash.
There are, of course, limits to this no-fault automobile insurance coverage, and we go deeper into it in this guide for understanding Michigan auto insurance law. You can also see the official guide from the Government of Michigan, regarding the changes to the Michigan no-fault insurance lawpassed in June 2019. It goes without saying, this applies to Clawson.

Buying Car Insurance in Clawson, Michigan

Regardless of what insurance company you choose, you know you need to buy insurance for your vehicle. While all the legal details are important, ultimately, most of your decision will come down to what you can afford.

We would absolutely love to help you figure out how to get the best car insurance deal in Clawson. Just contact us at (586) 274-9600 if you have any questions, or if you want to get a quote from all the car insurers in town, we can also help you with that.

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