To help you find the best coverage for your home, we’ll show you the best home insurance companies in the United States. Each company excels in different categories, so we’ll take a deep dive into which companies excel in the coverage you’re looking for.

These 5 companies are considered the best in the industry, as they consistently offer the best products and customer service. They are reliable and provide a wide range of stable, effective home insurance policies that will protect your home if the worse should occur.


AAAMultiple Policy Deals
  • Has been around for more than 30 years
  • Great Umbrella Coverage
  • Membership gets you discounts and other perks.
ASIBest Pool Insurance
  • Great if you have a pool
  • Has withstood worst hurricanes in recent memory

The best company and policies will vary from person to person, so we’ve done the work of sifting through the details to give you our top picks. These companies have long, diverse histories that offer the most affordable coverage.

The below companies are highly rated by credit agencies and are all rated well by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Top 5 Best Home Insurance Companies for 2021


Although the Automobile Association of America (AAA) is best known for their automobile insurance, AAA offers some competitive homeowners insurance. AAA has covered many homes all over the US for more than 30 years.

Along with homeowners insurance, AAA covers townhouses and condominiums properties. Insurance through AAA covers earthquakes and floods separately. Cost varies depending on how much you buy, what it covers, and the risk your property will get flooded. They also offer umbrella insurance.

You are not required to be a member of AAA to receive a quote, but to receive AAA insurance you must become a member for as low as $53/year. Buying multiple policies could get you discounts up to 20 percent depending on your area.

Best for: Multiple Policies


American Strategic Insurance was founded in Florida in 1997 to provide homeowner’s insurance. A few years later, they expanded to cover Texas homes. ASI has withstood the worst hurricanes in recent memory and stayed true to their routes, even when other companies fled the Florida market.

In 2014 ASI was purchased by Progressive Insurance for $875 million.

ASI’s main focus is home, including flood and umbrella. Their products are sold under the Progressive agent system, which writes traditional homeowners insurance for single-family homes, renter’s insurance, condo insurance and coverage for seasonal or investment homes. Policies are tailored to your individual needs.

ASI provides umbrella policies up to $5 million.

ASI offers competitive flood insurance that’s available through the National Flood Insurance Program. They offer great rates on pool insurance as well and have a 24/7 toll-free claims line.

Best for: Pools


Founded in 1952, Foremost is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group and offers home insurance to mobile homeowners. They were the first to write policies for travel trailers, and continue to do so to this day. They are considered the number one mobile home insurance company.

Foremost specializes in homes that aren’t usually covered by other home insurance policies, such as homes that are older, seasonal and vacation, mobile and manufactured homes and rentals. Where they really shine is they can combine multiple properties for landlords into one policy so you’re only pay one bill.

Landlord insurance is specifically designed for rental homes and provides expert coverage specific to the needs of landlords. These include home protection, personal injury, and loss of rent coverage. You can upgrade this coverage to extend the replacement cost coverage.

Foremost also one of the few insurance companies in Michigan that will insure homes and properties being used for AirBnB.

Best for: Landlords


Progressive was founded in 1937 in the small village of Mayfield, Ohio by a group of lawyers who saw a profitable business in insurance, specifically auto insurance. They were the first insurer to introduce a drive-in service where you could come for a claim estimate.

They were also the first to offer 24/7 claims service and added Immediate Response in 1994. Progressive has received great reviews across the board. They promise comprehensive homeowners coverage that’s flexible and designed to fit your needs. Their app is optimized to help you take your insurance on the go.

Progressive gives you tons of ways to save with their multiple policy options. They also provide coverage for money and securities, credit card and theft protection, extra coverage for valuables, guaranteed replacement cost, and inflation guards so your insurance policy will adjust with inflation.

Best for: Flexibility


Safeco was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1923 and offers home insurance for millions of Americans. Backed by Liberty Mutual, Safeco offers comprehensive homeowners insurance with plenty of optional coverage, like endorsements for your jewelry and art and equipment breakdown coverage.

They’ll pay the full replacement costs of your personal property and won’t factor in depreciation if you choose have this option in your policy. Safeco is about making insurance easy. Plans are affordable and flexible, so you’re able to buy whatever you need and throw out what you don’t.

Safeco has a vast network of independent agents that sell insurance in 46 states. They also offer combined packages on home and auto, temporary housing, personal property replacement, and identity theft coverage. They also have an app called the “Safeco’s Home Inventory” app that allows you to create a home inventory so you’ll have that information on hand when you make a claim.

Best for: Consistency

Determining A Company’s Strength

All insurance companies are graded on a letter scale, similar to how we were graded in school. Independent insurance rating agencies, which assess the likelihood the insurance company will remain solvent and pay claims on policies on time and in full.

It’s best to stick to insurance companies that are rated grade A or higher. The best rating agencies to check are A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch Ratings.

CompanyA.M BestFitchMoody’sS&P

Honorable Mentions Home Insurance Companies

Hagerty – This is specific for car insurance, but you’ll need some good car insurance to go with your home, right? Hagerty specializes in classic cars. They are the king of insuring all classic and high-value vehicles.

Minico – If you’re looking for a company to protect your jewelry and valuables, look no further than Minico. They have the best rates in insurance to protect the more important things in life.

Westfield – Westfield was started by farmers in the 1940’s. They have expert claim handing and rates that are shaking up the competition in Michigan.

American Modern – They specialize in rental, vacation, standard dwelling, vacant properties, and mobile homes. They were named the top workplace in 2014, and 2015 and have fantastic customer service.

Vacant Express – As the name suggests, Vacant Express is well known for their specialized coverage for vacant properties and the specific risks associated with them.

Chubb – Chubb is unique in that they focus on character homes or vintage properties. Certain home insurance providers won’t insure an old house because of the higher risks involved, but Chubb will provide that service for you.

Encompass – Encompass offers flexible insurance plays with the EncompassOne Policy, which is “you’ll have one agent, one premium, one deductible.”

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