In 2020, the Michigan State Police reported there were more than 245,000 car accidents in the state. 

In Oakland County, there were 26,316 total crashes, resulting in 4,962 injuries and 55 deaths. In those total crashes, 21,299 involved property damage.

Maybe most surprisingly, a majority of those crashes happened on local streets, with 16,724 occurring on those roadways compared to 4,445 on state routes and 3,688 on interstates.

There are many reasons why car accidents happen in Michigan every year. In fact, more than half of the accidents in 2020 had no hazardous action associated with them at all, according to the State Police. In other words, they were true accidents.

In Troy, Michigan, though, there are a few common causes of accidents every year. Here are six of the most common.

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can take on a few different forms today. It could be that a passenger or other activity inside the vehicle distracted the driver. It could be that the driver was texting, talking on, or using their phone while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2019 alone, distracted driving accounted for 9% of all fatal car accidents, and 15% of all car accidents. 

It’s a major issue nowadays with not just young drivers, but older drivers, too. That’s why so many local police departments are cracking down on drivers who use their cellphone improperly.

2. Speeding

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents every year. It’s not just going too fast that causes accidents, either. People driving too slow is a problem, too. And don’t forget tailgating and being unable to stop in time.

Of those three sub-categories of speeding, tailgating led the way in 2020. It was cited as the cause of 45,227 accidents. Next was driving too fast at 22,391 accidents. Last was driving too slow, which accounted for 140 accidents.

3. Not Obeying Traffic Laws

Traffic laws and signs are very important. They signify who has the right of way, and how each driver should react on the road.

Unfortunately, drivers don’t follow them the right way all the time. This often results in car accidents.

Making an improper turn, passing improperly on a highway, and not using a signal are some of the most common causes of car accidents in Troy, Michigan. Drivers also cause accidents when they fail to yield, disregard traffic control, or drive to the left of the center lane.

All of these violations of traffic laws and signs can result in car accidents.

4. Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions are one of the leading causes of car accidents in Troy, Michigan. In these situations, true hazardous action is never labeled. In many cases, they end up being reported as having no hazardous action by either driver.

Instead, it’s a hazardous road condition that causes the accident. In addition to rain, wind, and fog, drivers in Troy, Michigan have to handle inclement winter weather conditions a lot.

It’s not just snow that causes problems, though. Icy roads are actually much more dangerous to drive on than snowy roads are.

In addition, it’s sometimes difficult for drivers to identify when a road may be slippery due to ice. Water dripping from the sky may look like just rain but could be slippery sleet if the temperatures are just right. 

Oftentimes, drivers don’t use extra caution when driving in poor road conditions. That’s what leads to a lot of car accidents in Troy, Michigan. 

5. Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is a common cause of many accidents in Troy, Michigan, and many of them have disastrous outcomes.

In 2020, there were 915 total cases of accidents caused by alcohol in Oakland County. In those accidents, there were 356 injuries and 18 deaths. 

Through Michigan in 2020, there were 9,078 car accidents from drunk driving, with 3,731 injuries and 303 deaths.

Despite strict laws against driving under the influence, drivers still get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Unfortunately, this happens at all times of the day, too, and in all driving conditions.

6. Driving Fatigued

Many drivers get behind the wheel when they are too tired to do so. This can significantly impair a person’s judgment, just like driving while intoxicated can.

Drivers who are too tired to operate a motor vehicle often have decreased awareness and reaction time. They may even veer or drive off the road.

People who are behind the wheel too long can become very fatigued. Drowsy driving also happens a lot with people who work long hours, work overnight shifts and drive for work. Younger drivers are particularly at risk for drowsy driving, as they aren’t aware that they are too tired to drive.

Be Careful and Be Insured

These common car accidents in Troy, Michigan, emphasize why it’s so important that drivers be prepared before getting behind the wheel. You should never drive when you have been drinking or if you are tired. 

You should always keep focused on the road and not on anything else in the car. You should always obey speed limits and traffic signals/signs, and keep your distance from other drivers.

Remember before getting behind the wheel that you are in control of a heavy machine. If you make one wrong move, you can cause significant damage, no matter where you are or how fast you’re going.

In addition to heeding these warnings, it’s also important to make sure you’re properly insured as a driver in Troy, Michigan. Not all accidents result in catastrophic outcomes, but you always want to make sure you’re protected no matter what happens.

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