Every parent wants to teach their kids responsibility from a young age.

Many studies say that chores are good for kids, because they can gain life skills while they learn what responsibilities are.

For the parents, it’s also nice to get some help around the house — even if that “help” isn’t a whole lot with the younger kids. The important thing is to teach kids the importance of responsibilities early on, and eventually, parents will reap the benefits as well.

Some of the simplest chores that parents can teach their kids can revolve around caring for your house. Not only will these tasks help teach that responsibility, it’ll also teach kids to respect the home they live in. And that is a lesson they can take with them throughout their lives.

Getting kids to do chores at first may not be an easy task. You may have to entice them into doing so by giving them an allowance for doing chores. Either way, it’s key to set up some structure so you get them to help around the house.

Here are some ways to get your kids involved in caring for your house.

Have Them Clean

Cleaning is one of the most generic chores you can teach your kids. At a young age, this can start with kids tidying up their toys after they play with them and throwing out tissues and other little trash.

As they get older, you can teach them how to make their beds, vacuum and clean floors and clean countertops. They can help with the dishes and laundry, too.

The importance of cleaning is not just keeping a healthy environment, as parents know. Keeping things clean helps them to last longer. Cleaner floors are likely to not break down and erode as quickly as floors with dirt and moisture on them.

These are facts homeowners know, and they can teach them to their kids this way, too.

Show Them Tools

When kids get to a certain age, you can start teaching them about tools. While it may be a little early to get them using a circular saw, you can carefully let them examine and watch you work with a hammer, screwdriver, level and other basic tools.

Show them what the tools are, let them feel them, and then show them how you use them. When you tighten a bolt on a toilet or fix a pipe under the sink, let your kids observe you doing so.

This will teach them an appreciation for tools and for the work that goes into maintaining a home. It’ll likely make them interested in it, and more likely to learn on their own.

Eventually, when they get a place of their own, this will help them avoid calling a home repair company any time something goes wrong. 

Get them Outside

Kids love getting outside, so they’ll be more likely to want to help with chores that are done outdoors. And there are plenty of seasonal and maintenance chores that need to be done outdoors, as you know.

In the fall, get your kids outdoors to rake leaves. In the spring, have them help you clean up in preparation of lawn care. If they’re old enough, they can help with pool maintenance in the summer or snow clean up in the winter.

At least once a quarter, you should take your kids outside and show them the various ongoing maintenance projects you need to do to keep the house running smoothly. This can include cleaning the gutters, checking for leaks or blown-off siding, and power washing the house.

Once kids understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, they’re more likely to buy into the importance of it.

Teach Them Safety

Parents should always take their own precautions for all house maintenance projects, no matter how minor. This includes wearing gloves when working with chemicals and wearing eye protection when working with tools. 

A great way to get your kids involved in these projects is to purchase protective gear that’s just for them. When your kids are helping to clean, let them wear rubber gloves that fit them. When they’re helping with outdoor work, give them protective goggles for them.

Again, when your kids feel like they’re a part of the project, it makes them feel special. And when they feel special, they’re more likely to contribute without a fight.

Get Them to Understand Your Home’s Value Like We Do

Kids naturally take a lot of things for granted. That’s understandable, and a good thing, too.

They take for granted the fact that you worked so hard for the home they live in. They take for granted the fact that it just runs as it does every day, because of the tireless work you put in to make that happen.

They are kids, after all.

As parents, it’s always a great idea to teach your kids the value of hard work, responsibility and caring for your house. Get them involved at an early age with chores, and you’ll be teaching them life lessons that they’ll take with them when they’re homeowners someday.

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