Michigan drivers are already on high alert because of the fast weather changes and potholes. Unfortunately, the weather is only half the battle.

In 2017 there were more than 4,000 car crashes in Metro Detroit.

Crashes happen at random but tend to be more popular in certain areas. So what are the most dangerous roads that you should avoid?

Scroll down to learn about where these accidents are happening so that you can keep safe while on the road!

1. Metro Parkway

Driving down Metro Parkway, otherwise known as 16 Mile Road, can become a little hectic when making your way through Sterling Heights.

The Van Dyke and Mound Road intersections on Metro Parkway tend to see most of the action. The Van Dyke Expressway, General Motors Center, and MJR Theater all contribute to this heavy traffic area.

Try taking 15 Mile Road to avoid unwanted traffic. It has almost all the same intersections and can get you to your destination faster.

2. Hall Road

If you are driving in Macomb County, you probably are not surprised that Hall Road made this list.

Hall Road helps people in Macomb travel to Troy quickly, but not when accidents occur.

At the intersections of Romeo Plank and Schoenherr Road on Hall are where most accidents tend to happen. Romeo Plank and Hall Road bring a lot of traffic with Partridge Creek Mall and other shopping centers.

Around the holidays can be a mess on the road with everyone going from store to store. The speed on Hall Road ranges from 45-50mph and consists of 3-4 lanes.

If you have to drive on Hall Road always be sure to use your blinker and pay attention to crossing traffic. One nice thing about this road is that it has Michigan left turns to help prevent accidents.

Our auto insurance for Sterling Heights, Michigan can come in handy if you frequently drive in this area. Especially on Schoenherr Road.

3. Grand River Avenue

Those traveling in Livingston County should be extra careful while driving on Grand River Avenue.

This is a busy area with several expressways that meet up, causing plenty of traffic. Most accidents occur at the intersection on Whitmore Lake and Grand River.

This area is packed with shopping centers and lakes that draw in the crowds. Unfortunately, there are many ways around these intersections, but driving carefully can help keep you safe.

Be prepared for sudden stops and people switching lanes at the last minute on this dangerous road or you will need to find cheap auto insurance.

4. 12 Mile Road

Oakland County is full of business districts, shopping, and homes.

It is also full of accidents, especially on 12 Mile Road. The Orchard Lake and 12 Mile Road intersection cause a lot of traffic and accidents. Shopping centers and apartments fill the area.

Because there is so much going on in this intersection, people tend to get rear-ended. Another reason 12 Mile is so dangerous is that it runs parallel to I-696. People trying to merge onto the freeway must first cross through these intersections.

The mornings during rush hour and after work is the worst times to drive in this area.

5. Washtenaw Avenue

Are you a U of M fan that is constantly traveling to Ann Arbor for football games?

If you are, you will likely be dealing with Washtenaw Avenue. Stadium Blvd merges into this main road that can get you around town.

This road is constantly busy from the University, homes, hospitals, and shopping areas. The US- 23 and Washtenaw Avenue intersection causes a lot of accidents. This could be due to the clover style ramps to get on and off the freeway.

Don’t get caught up in the traffic on game day if you have to be somewhere quick. A lot is going on in this area and the best thing to do is be patient. Washtenaw Avenue is one of the most dangerous roads in Metro Detroit.

Those that are driving to Ann Arbor from Troy should get full coverage auto insurance to help cover damage if it happens.

6. Big Beaver Road

Big Beaver Road in Troy can become an ugly place filled with cars waiting to get out of traffic.

Troy has a large business district that requires employees to travel on Big Beaver Road. With so many people trying to get in the same area, at the same time, accidents happen.

This road is one of the most dangerous to travel. There are endless amounts of shopping centers that draw in more than just the working crowd too. Watch out for sudden stops on this road or else you may get rear-ended.

Driving Tips for the Most Dangerous Roads

Sometimes we don’t have a choice and we have to drive on these roads.

But don’t worry, there are things you can do to help protect you and others on the road.

Using your blinker and not waiting until the last minute to merge can help avoid accidents. You should also stay off your phone and focus on the road while driving. In 2017 more than 20,000 accidents occurred in Michigan due to distracted driving.

Avoid driving at night and during dangerous weather conditions. If you do have to drive at night, be sure that all of your lights are working. Snow and rain also play a role in accidents.

Using caution and staying at a safe speed limit, similar to drivers around you, can help prevent accidents.

Accidents happen and sometimes we can’t avoid them. Being prepared for them is all we can do. Make sure that you have a spare tire, jumping cables, and emergency packs if you get stuck.

Be Prepared for Your Next Intersection

Driving on some of the most dangerous roads in Metro Detroit may be necessary for you to get around.

Macomb County sees the most accidents on Hall Road. This road is full of shopping centers and restaurants that getting crowded quickly. It is also one of the easiest ways to travel East and West, making it a highly used road.

Use caution around U of M and always around roads that merge into expressways. These areas draw in most traffic and cause backups. Always use caution when driving and avoid traveling in unsafe conditions.

Be sure to contact us so that we can get you the best auto insurance for driving on these dangerous roads!

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