We live in the technological age where we rely on our phones, computers and other devices for everything from getting work done to communicating with members of our family to reminding us of appointments and important things we have to do.

Technological devices have become some of the most valuable items that people own today. If you were to lose your laptop or smartphone, or if they were stolen or damaged, your life could be disrupted significantly. And, since these devices are not cheap to replace, you could be forced to spend money you don’t have.

Luckily, USAA offers insurance for electronics in case your important devices are ever lost, stolen or damaged. This supplemental coverage is very attractive since it provides you greater financial relief than your base homeowners or renters insurance does.

Let’s learn more about USAA’s technology protection policy.

What is USAA Additional Computer Coverage?

USAA provides a separate insurance policy that covers your main technological devices. This policy is taken out in addition to your homeowners or renters policy to help fill gaps in the coverage limits.

While the insurance is commonly referred to as additional computer coverage, it also protects many other devices. This includes smartphones and tablets, smartwatches, fitness trackers, TVs and gaming consoles, certain drones, personal digital assistants, virtual reality gear, digital media players and home networking equipment, to name a few.

While your homeowners or renters insurance might also provide some coverage for these items, it’s generally much more limited in scope and comes with a much greater deductible.

There are a few different reasons why you the additional computer coverage could be beneficial to you. We’ll break down each of those reasons below.

What It Covers

Typical homeowners and renters insurance policies will provide coverage for personal items such as technological devices. If your laptop is stolen, for instance, you can likely get it replaced by going through your homeowners policy. However, if you lose your laptop on your own or if it gets damaged, you’d be out of luck.

In essence, the USAA additional computer coverage helps to protect your technological devices from you. If you accidentally leave your smartphone behind at a restaurant or drop it into a pool, you’d be covered under USAA’s technology insurance. If you didn’t have this insurance in place, you likely would have to pay for the repair or the replacement of the device out of your own pocket.

This is a very attractive aspect to the policy. After all, it’s much more likely that you’d lose or damage your technological devices than it would be that they were stolen. By taking out this supplemental insurance policy, you’ll be giving yourself peace of mind.

The Coverage Limits

With USAA additional computer coverage, you can also choose your coverage limits. This allows you to potentially reduce your premium based on the total value of the devices that will fall under the plan.

A good idea is to assess the replacement value of your main technological devices, and then take out technology insurance that fits that cost. You’re able to choose coverage limits from $1,000 to $10,000.

The Deductible

Another major advantage to the USAA additional computer coverage compared is the deductible. 

As mentioned before, a typical homeowners policy will usually provide coverage if your laptop is stolen. However, you would be subject to the policy’s deductible as it applies to personal property, which in many cases could be $1,000 or more. If your laptop only costs $1,500 to replace — or if you just need a $500 repair — it wouldn’t make sense to file a claim through your insurance.

USAA additional computer coverage, though, comes with a deductible of just $250. If your laptop is stolen in this case, it would be well worth it to file a claim to replace it, since your payout would be five times how much you paid in the deductible.

Not only that, but the fact that the deductible is only $250 means you can use this insurance to repair your technological devices. Doing so through your homeowners plan typically isn’t feasible, simply because of the high deductible.

The Wide Net

When you purchase new technological devices, you’ll likely be offered insurance from the manufacturer or reseller of the device. For instance, when you purchase a new smartphone, both the manufacturer of the device and your wireless service provider likely offer you a monthly insurance plan. 

These plans are great, in that they will help repair and/or replace your device no matter what happened to it. However, they tend to be quite expensive. Most people don’t use the policy, which means they essentially are throwing their money away.

The big downfall to these policies, though, is that they only cover that one individual device. If you have 10 devices that you want to insure with separate policies through the manufacturer or retailer, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month for the coverage.

This is a huge advantage to USAA additional computer coverage. For one monthly premium, the technology insurance covers all of your devices — no matter what device it is, who manufactured it or who provides your monthly service to it.

Not only is this much more economical, but it also simplifies your monthly bills. Instead of having to pay multiple insurances to multiple companies each month, you can pay one simple premium to USAA.

Work with Signature Insurance to Get Your Devices Covered

The USAA additional computer coverage is an outstanding supplemental insurance policy that can protect your technological devices in case they are ever lost, stolen or damaged. The coverage provides many benefits over homeowners, renters or manufacturers insurance policies, as outlined above.

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