Bloomfield Homeowners and Renters Insurance

Anyone and everyone benefit from ensuring their home, especially those with a great deal to protect. Whether you’re a tenant, homeowner, or landlord, you need your dwelling insured. For many people, their home is their most valuable asset making insurance crucially important. No one knows the day or the hour that unknown disaster strikes.

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What do renters or homeowners insurance cover?

What is homeowners insurance for? Well, ask yourself how you might be able to pay for damages if your home suffered the impact of a storm, tornado, or fire. You can reconstruct your home and restore it to the brilliant dwelling it once was.

When determining how much insurance to get for your home, you need to select between cash value or the replacement cost. Replacement cost coverage replaces your items with new ones, while the cash value bases the claim on the depreciated value of your items.

Personal belongings that may not have been in the home during the incident can still be covered. For example, homeowners insurance may offer additional coverage for your wedding ring that went missing while in transit. Make a home inventory list to get an accurate number of how much it will cost to replace your items. This list will conveniently help you if you have to file a claim later on.

A peril is defined in insurance policies as a cause of loss. There are two types of policies; named peril and open peril. Named peril covers damage incurred by hail, vandalism, smoke, frozen pipes, falling objects, lightning, and explosions to name a few. Open perils generally cover all items if they are not specifically excluded. Open perils policies cover more items at a slightly greater cost.

  • Homeowners or renters insurance consists of several parts:
  • Coverage of personal property
  • Coverage of medical payments
  • Coverage for living expenses
  • Structures protection
  • Protection of the main dwelling
  • Liability coverage

Less expensive but equally important items can become damaged as well such as; dishes and furniture. Items such as these will be protected by your personal property coverage. Medical payment coverage will take care of the cost of treatment for a guest injured on your property or an individual injured by you or your family while outside the home.

No matter who is at fault, medical payments coverage will take care of the injured individual. Coverage for living expenses is also called a loss of use-this pays for your relocation and standard living expenses if you have to vacate the property.

Structures protection provides coverage for places like your garage and other attached structures. Of course, your homeowner’s insurance also covers the main home on the property. Liability coverage takes care of you if you’re held responsible for the injuries of another person while outside your home.

Why get homeowners insurance?

Disasters do happen. What do you do in the event of a fire that damages or destroys your belongings? Homeowners or renters insurance protects all of your items-that new espresso machine and a high-end computer included. This type of insurance is so important because it allows you to replace your items.


Your deductible lets you know the amount you’ll be required to pay in the event of a claim. Let’s say your deductible is $1,000. If you file a claim for a damaged roof that will cost $8,000, your insurance company will issue a payment for $7,000 and you’ll be responsible for $1,000.

Most insurance deductibles are between $500 and $1,000. Choosing a low deductible means your premium is higher but your insurer will pay for nearly all of the damages. A higher deductible means that you’ll have to take care of more damages yourself but you’ll have a lower premium.

Combining policies and additional coverage

Ask your Bloomfield Michigan provider if they are able to combine your automobile and homeowners insurance into a single policy. You may be eligible for certain discounts by combining services. Some damages will never be covered by an insurance policy such as those caused by war, mold, nuclear hazards, earthquakes, flooding, general wear and tear, and government action.

Regarding floods (, you can get insurance to specifically cover damages caused by water. Areas that are prone to damages by windstorms will require additional coverage.

Your homeowner’s insurance can even cover expenses for temporary living in the event that your home is uninhabitable. It can sting when your expensive items have been damaged while inside your home that is supposed to be safe. Replacement coverage will help you get new items of matching quality.

Costs of replacing a home

You want your homeowners’ insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home. A Bloomfield Michigan insurer or home insurance agent will help you determine the replacement costs by multiplying the square footage by the per footage price of local construction. A home should not simply be insured for the market value-this runs the risk of not having enough repair funds.