Troy Homeowners Insurance

Troy is a city located in the Metropolitan area of Detroit’s suburbs in Oakland County, Michigan. Troy is the 11th biggest city in Michigan and the biggest city in Oakland County with a population close to 100k.

Known as a shopping and business destination, Metro Detroit has multiple office centers and the ever-popular Somerset Collection mall. It is also home to some of the greatest Troy homeowners insurance, Troy renters insurance and condo insurance companies in the USA.

Sports are very popular in Troy, with Sports Illustrated magazine ranking them as having the top sports programs in the state. You’ll also find the head offices of multiple large companies here like Rexair, Dayco, Champion homes, and Inteva Products.

In 2011, Troy ranked the safest city in Michigan and the 19th most reliable in the entire US. Determining factors include quality of education, economic strength, recreational opportunities, and housing for why Troy is a fantastic city to live in.

Troy is also one of the most affordable cities in the US, with a median household income of almost $80,000USD per year.

If you’re looking to move to Michigan, Troy would be an excellent destination for any new homeowner. Not only are housing prices affordable, but home insurance is as well.

The auto insurance isn’t the only pull to Troy, Michigan. There are plenty of reasons for you to visit this quiet little city in Oakland County. Let’s take a look at some of them.

School System in Troy

Troy’s School District is considered to be in the Greater Detroit District of schools. Troy’s School District covers half of the city of Troy, though some parts of the city are run by the Warren Consolidated Schools, Avondale School District, and the Birmingham City School District.

Student achievement levels are one of the highest in the state. This is likely due to the student to teacher ratio, which sits at 17.1. This allows teachers to individual teach students; paying more attention to each pupil’s needs. In 2015, Troy High School had 67 National Merit Semi-Finalists. Their schools had 28 AP courses, with 97% of graduates expecting to go to college. 75% of all students had honors upon graduating.

Troy’s School District has twelve elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools.

Other notable achievements include:

  • One of the best communities for music education in America.
  • One of the four school districts in Detroit to receive an “A+” rating from Detroit News.
  • The International Academy East, Athens High School, and Troy High School were in the top five percent of all U.S. schools.
  • Named one of the 25 best places to live for new families.
  • All Troy District schools have earned a Blue Ribbon.
    Drop out rate is less than 1%.
  • Top feeder schools for Michigan State and the University of Michigan.

Landmarks in Troy

Somerset Collection

Somerset Collection is a luxury mall located in the heart of Troy. You’ll find many brand names such as Gucci, Michael Kors, 7 For All Mankind, Hugo Boss and Jimmy Cho. Somerset has multiple events going throughout the year if shopping isn’t your thing. There are plenty of cool things to see inside besides the stores, like a giant castle and an 1800’s fountain.

Troy Museum & Historic Village

If you ever wanted to go back to a simpler time, try the Troy Museum. Inside the authentic log cabin, you’ll find a printing press office, blacksmith shop, minister’s home with authentic decor, an old church building and plenty of staff that are in character. The Historic Village has tours and demonstrations on what life was like back in the 1800’s.

Stage Nature Center

A fun, relaxing place if you like to hike and see wild animals. You can sometimes see wild turkeys, plenty of birds and squirrels.

One of the best parts of their tour is their free sampling of maple syrup that is taken straight from the local trees. You can also buy maple syrup products there for a decent price. Try hiking in the summer, and winter.

Crime Statistics in Troy, Michigan

The crime rate in Troy is quite low at about 16 per 1000 residents, making Troy safer than 43% of all U.S. cities. Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime is 1 in 62. Troys crime rate is lower than 36% of Michigan communities. Compared to other cities of similar sizes, Troy is lower than the average and is considered a safe community to live based off of FBI crime data.

Violent crime is low as well, with a likelihood of 1 in 1352 – well below the national average. Property crime is 15 per one thousand people; you can bet your house is going to be safe in Troy. Property crimes such as arson, theft, burglary and larceny happen once in 65 inhabidance, which is also well below the national average.

Safest Neighbourhoods in Troy, Michigan

  • Beach Rd/ Hidden Pine Dr
  • S BLVD W /Limerick Ln
  • Crooks Rd/ W Wattles Rd
  • Dequindre Rd/ E Long Lake Rd
  • John R Rd/ S BLVD E
  • John R Rd/ Hanman Dr
  • E Wattles Rd/ John R Rd
  • W Wattles Rd/ Beach Rd
  • W Long Lake Rd/ Coolidge HWY
  • Dequindre Rd/ Denise Dr.
The safest neighborhoods tend to have higher property value and more expensive house insurance. Troy house insurance is still one of the cheapest in Michigan, even in areas with more expensive housing.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance By Street

Your quote will vary depending on the area in which you live. For example, the average Troy homeowners insurance on Nash Dr, Queen Dr, Stone Haven Dr, and Souter Dr will cost you an average of $801.

It is unlikely you’ll pay anymore than $900, or less and $800 for homeowners insurance in Troy. The highest areas include Provincial Dr, Cambria Dr, Medford Ct, and Saffron Dr at $898.

Cost of Troy Homeowners Insurance by House Value

Your homeowner’s insurance is determined based on the value of your home. Since Troy has the most affordable homes in Michigan, you’re unlikely to see homeowners insurance exceed $1247. 16.0% of Troy own a home of an approximate value of $300,000 to $399,999, and they are likely to pay the highest amount at the previously quoted $1247.

21.0% of Troy, Michigan homeowners own a home between $200,000 to $249,999 which accounts for the most owned property bracket in the city. These homeowners are likely to pay $801, which is incredibly affordable for anyone owning this property. The lowest demographics pay less than $500, with some paying as little as $100.

The safest neighborhoods tend to have higher property value and more expensive house insurance. Troy house insurance is still one of the cheapest in Michigan, even in areas with more expensive housing.

Cost of Troy Renters Insurance as a Percentage of the Rent

As a renter, it’s a good idea to buy insurance as it will protect you against theft or damaged property. When figuring out if you can afford dental insurance, you’ll have to calculate your income to determine if you can get both the apartment and insurance.

On the lowest end of the spectrum, you’ll see rent at less than $200 a month. If you wanted to get troy rental insurance, you’d have to earn a monthly income of $305. On the highest end, you’ll have to make $5405 a month to afford a rent of $1,500 or higher. This is an average amount, as prices can vary depending on location and season.

Examples of Home Insurance and Condo Insurance Rates for Troy, Michigan

Year BuiltHome ValueRoof TypeSqftNumber of BedroomsDeductiblePremiumPremium MonthsSiding TypeSmoking?
1975275,000Wood Shake Roof2,1204$2500-$5000 Deductible81010Brick SidingNo
2006340,000Tile Roof2,3603$500-$1000 Deductible5303Vinyl SidingYes
1996255,000Tile Roof2,4205$500-$1000 Deductible4207Vinyl SidingNo
1987240,000Composition Roof2,2403$500 Deductible4905Fibre-Cement SidingYes
2008300,000Asphalt Shingles Roof2,6704>$10,000 Deductible1802Stucco SidingNo
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