For many homeowners in Troy, Michigan, home insurance is something you think about only once a year — when it comes time to renew your plan.

Most homeowners will spend a lot of time finding the right homeowners insurance policy for them at the time they buy their home. They’ll research the best prices from various companies based on the coverage they need, and then they forget about it.

Because a lot of home insurance premiums are paid as a bundle through monthly mortgage payments, they can become an after-thought for many people. That is, until they get their renewal bill on the anniversary of the plan and realize their premium is going up.

Home insurance works in a lot of the same ways that other insurance policies do. Premiums can go up or down based on a number of factors. Some of these have to do with the policy holder themselves. Some have to do with the item being insured. Some are based on other outside factors.

If you’ve received an increase in your home insurance premium, you might be wondering why. Here are some of the most common reasons for that in Troy, Michigan.

You Updated Your Home

Homeowners take on renovation projects all the time. Some are small. Others are large. Almost all have a direct relation to the value of your home.

It’s fairly common knowledge that projects such as renovating your kitchen or adding a bathroom will increase the value of your home. From a homeowner’s perspective, that’s a great thing. It’s always nice to increase the value of your assets.

From an insurance perspective, this might result in an increase in your premium. As you improve the value of your home, you might be required to increase your insurance coverage limits to make sure you are well protected.

Depending on the type of renovation you’ve done, you might need extra insurance, too. If, for example, you installed an inground pool, you may be required to have extra liability insurance. This will result in an increase in your premium.

You Got a Dog

Adding a dog to your family can be an exciting addition to your home. They can bring great joy to all members of your household. But they can also bring increased costs to your insurance premiums, too.

Insurance companies view everything from a risk standpoint. Unfortunately, dogs carry risks with them. If your dog bites a mailman, for example, you will be liable for the damages that he or she causes. Those damages will be covered by your home insurance protection.

Because of this, home insurance companies view dogs as an insurance risk. As a result, they charge higher premiums to homeowners who have a dog.

Another Year Went By

One of the most common reasons why your home insurance might increase is the simple fact that time has passed.

Everyone gets older with each passing day. So, too, do the major features of your home. Older features are more likely to need repair and, as a result, are riskier to insurance companies.

Roofs are one of the more expensive items that need to be replaced on a home. The most common type of roofing material, asphalt shingles, typically last about 15-20 years. Other types of roofing materials will have their own typical lifespan.

When roofs get up there in age, they become much more susceptible to cracks or damage from Mother Nature. As they become more susceptible, they become more likely to need small patches, larger repairs or full-scale replacement.

The same goes for other exterior features such as fences, decks and siding. The older each of these things get, the more expensive they are to insure.

You Took Out a Claim

Unfortunately, something may have happened recently that forced you to take out an insurance claim. Most of the time, these things are out of your control. It may have been a weather-related incident. It may have been a pipe bursting.

Whatever the reason for it, a claim against your insurance policy will often result in your premiums increasing. Your insurance company will assess the reason for your claim and the amount of your claim to determine whether your rates will increase. The more often you file claims, the higher your rates will be, too.

If you’re able to remain claim-free for an extended period of time, though, you’ll be able to see a reduction in your home insurance cost.

Crime Went Up

This is another outside factor that you have no control over. One of the ways that your home insurance cost is determined is based on the crime rate in your area. Regions with lower crime rates typically have lower home insurance premiums, and vice versa.

The thing is that this is a revolving measurement. Crime rates will often stay relatively steady in a particular area from year-to-year. However, if the crime rate goes up, it’s possible that your home insurance premium could go up, too.

Again, this is not something that you will have direct control over, but it could have a significant impact on the cost of your home insurance premium.

Work with a Home Insurance Company You Can Trust

Your home is most likely one of your most valuable assets. But it’s more than just that. It’s a place where you and your family gather for meals, sleep and make memories. Your home keeps you and your loved ones protected.

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